RF communication

Hi, I want to build rf communication between my basement and my apartment suite. But i have a lot of problems to solve. In basement there is arduino uno and in my apartment suite , there is pc which records sensor value will be sent from basement. Problems are ;

1)Basement located underground and construction is reinforced concrete blocks.Depth of basement from soil level is about 2 -3 meters( 6-10 feet)

2)After basement there is open air to my apartment suite window and distance is about 30-40 meters(100-130 feet)

So what kind a rf communication i must prefer?

Do you have wifi in the basement ?

In most cases a lower frequency is better, so perhaps a 433MHz or 315MHz RF module. But a bad 433MHz module is of course worse than a good 2.4GHz module.

A distance of 30 or 40 meters is a problem. There are RF modules with higher signal output, but they are not legal. In most countries up to 10mW is legal.

This is a list of possibilities : https://www.sparkfun.com/pages/wireless_guide

Good quality communication is done with the XBee modules. They are not cheap and you need an adapter board between the Arduino and the XBee module. http://www.adafruit.com/products/964