RF Communication

I want to activate a simple circuit (one that swtiches a transistor ON and OFF) via RF (any other wireless communication method is very well welcomed, except optical of course).

The thing is, I want to activate multiple of this simple circuits with one Emitter instead of having one for each receiver.

Is there any way to do this? I'll be taking this class in a month, so Im pretty green in the subject.


Thanks for answering.
I simply need to send one and only one bit per receiver. Let's say I have one emitter(we will call it X) and 2 receivers (A and B).
I want to activate one first a then the other, in any order.

So X sends a bit to A
Then X sends a bit to B
Then again, one to A


X sends a bit to B
Then X sends a bit to A
Then again, one to B

You say is very possible, with frequency multiplexion?

Can you please tell me the logic (and code xD) behind the project? What hardware did you use for each receiver?