RF control issue .

Raschemmel ... well i could just lie about it ? but i don't want to lie about it .
i am working on a project , and once it's done , ill post everything about it in the Forum .
i am not saying this to dodge responding or anything , but i actually solved this one to .

ill post everything about my project once it's done , for the general public to benefit from it (you'll not hear about it in the news don't worry )

Please read this

In this case PIC's are used but the article mentions both countdown timers and remote control.

Both of which have been mentioned already in this thread.

You cannot expect to get assistance without explaining Exactly what you want to do.

You said you are not making IED, but that's exactly what i would expect someone to say if they are up to no good.

Continuing with this mindset will only get mistrust from the board members.


PLUS , this is a public forum, even if what you are doing is above board the information may be useful to others.

Why can't you tell us now instead of later ? You didn't give a reason yet. You said you would explain it all when you finished the project but if you were up to no good then it would already be too late for us.

but i actually solved this one to .

Once again, no explanation for the benefit of others....

my solution = nRF24L01

NRF24L01 with long range antenna