RF Control of AC outlets

This comes up as a topic from time to time. I just came across this at Target - 3 RF controlled outlets and RF transmitter, all for $14. Less than the price a Promini, less than an ardweeny & transmitter.

TX is in 433.92 MHz, transmitter uses a CR2032 LI battery. (man - I'll get the resizing right one of these times!)

Wow - all kinds of options on those.

I bought a couple of those sets (havent seen the remote kind before, that looks slick) because my garage is not attached to the house and the lights for the pathway are in the garage. You can get infrared driveway sensors that are RF in communication, IR in detection from harbor freight for less than $10 usually (they have sales constantly no telling what the "normal" price is, still less than $20).

Anyway, at 433mhz thats ~6.8 in antenna for 1/4th wavelength, and I was getting nowhere NEAR the range specified on the packaging. Don't know if it was an interference question or the actual product. They have no external antenna so its either printed on the board or could be helped with the addition..

here is a link to a library that will help you control these outlets with your Arduino


(man - I'll get the resizing right one of these times!)

640x480 ;)

Pretty much everything can view fit it on the screen and it's big enough to see what it is.


Incidentally, the Jeelabs Jeenodes use a Hope RFM12B module, which can operate at 433 or 868MHz. The ones I have operate at 868MHz.