RF data transmission between 2 arduinos

Hi.I'm new in this domain so please be patient. I want to make a RF data transmission between 2 Arduinos UNO (with RF transmission modules),the arduinos are connected each one to a computer .My question is: it will work if i want to send an audio file of 3MB from a computer to another (example:audio file 3MB)?Can i do that or i can only send characters?

Hi Paul,

Welcome to Arduino, while an Arduino board can sort of play some squeaky voices with PWM, it is a digital device, with a not very big memory when you start thinking multimedia !

You could send packets of an mp3 file I guess, reading from an SD card perhaps, and build them up at the receive end, but you would still need to store them on some serious media to play them back.

Arduino is more suited for robots or sensing, or data logging, or LED displays , and all manner of new stuff you can come up with .
( which is far more rewarding than music or voice - that's what your cellphone was designed for :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer and your kindness.

Its a pleasure Paul,

now see if you can come up with some wacky or serious task for your Arduino to do, then work ( play ) through all the examples that apply to what you want your project to do.

If you want a horn to sound, or lights to flash if someone opens the front door more than x times per hour, ( as a crazy example ) you don't have to learn all the network, servo, multiplexing, etc stuff to start with, it all seems to drift into your next projects by itself.

Well this is what I have experienced, and it is a wonderful experience for an old fart that shunned newfangled microprocessors for 30 years !

i know what you mean but i need a project in telecommunications cause i'm a student at telecommunication engineering.I thought it would be a good idea to acheive a ?data RF transmission between 2 arduinos but after a bit of documentation I concluded that arduinos aren't built for this kind of projects.

There are many different types of RF data transmission. They can all be used to send arbitrary binary data, not just text. Most of them are quite slow (as in, go make a cup of tea while the file transfer completes), and some of them are extremely slow (as in, start booking that round-the-world cruise while you're waiting).