RF Design question.

I am looking for a small data radio to use in one of my projects that is supported by Arduino libraries but that i can find the individual components to make my own boards. I am currently looking into the NRF905 chip from NORDIC and although it is an old chip I am impressed with what it offers. my question is the following.

to save space I will be using a PCB antenna on the board but i need to know if I can place all my components inside the rim of the antenna ? I know if everything is switched on chances of interference is great but for my application everything will be in sleep/switched off before I transmit and when the other components are working the Radio will be sleeping.

Example of a board , I want to move the actual radio to the inside of the board and the MCU on the back of the board with other components.

would this work and what do I need to look at for ?

would this work


The components would affect the tuning of the coil and have interference induced in them.
Unless you are licences in some way it is illegal to make your own transmitter even for bands that are licence free to use.

Hi Mike

I know about the licensing issue, but our regulations state that up to 10mW devices are allowed in the free band with out licensing and once a device has been designed I can us it for personal use until I want or plan on selling it then I would just to get is certified to at 10mw output power. I know the UK is more strict on these rules but you would be amazed with what you get away with in this country.