RF Frequency/Channel Confusion

Quick question regarding an RF transmitter/receiver setup I've got going. I've got a commercial device that is transmitting on 433.92MHz range. So I've picked up a transmitter and receiver in the same range. I can successfully communicate between the purchased units, but I cannot see any broadcast from the commercial device.

My question concerns the receiver. It looks like I can tune the receiver. Is the concept of channels within the 433.92 frequency the concept I'm looking at? I'm hitting up Wikipedia and RF circuit sites but can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. Just hoping for a simple solution.

what kind of "commercial device" is it? the transmitted data form this device might be encoded. in this case tuning the receiver won't help of course.

Channel is usually just a name for a specific frequency. Besides frequency, there are issues like modulation, encoding, etc. It's not enough to just use the same frequency.


Many thanks, klickadiklick & kg4wsv. That’s exactly the info I needed. Going to keep digging at this one.