RF guys: Orientation of multiple radio's in single project box?

Hello all,

I am working on a project with two radio’s: 13.56 MHz (Passive RFID) and 2.4 GHz (Bluetooth). I’m not too familiar with the complex field of RF antenna/electronics, but If I remember correctly, would it be wise to orient these radio’s antenna at a 90 degree angle difference? Or does the large difference in center frequency make this particular design criteria negligible?

Thanks for any info.

Hi, I think you are concerned about the relative antenna placement distances and directions. I am not sure what type of antennas are you going to use. Simple dipoles,monopoles or directive antennas etc? One thing is sure your 13.56 MHz antenna is not going to be affected much what ever way you keep your 2.4Ghz antenna. But the reverse is not true since 13.56MHz antenna is way bigger than the 2.4GHz antenna. So for the proper performance of the 2.4GHz antenna its placement with respect to 13.56MHz antenna is important. Let me know more about the antennas you intend to use then I can suggest the best solution. Are there any space constraints ?