RF ID Interface

Hi you all,

Can you please help how to arrange blocks in pictoblox to

  1. Create Master Key
  2. Read RF Master Key
  3. Check if it matches with master key

I am a college student and trying to build blocks in pictoblox for automatic door project with RF ID

This is the Arduino forum.

Consider posting on a PictoBlox forum.

if they don't have a RC522 or other type of RFID extension, then you are stuck.

so the question is : do they? (and if they do, what's the API like?)

(in their web site they say "Also, advanced Sensors like RFID, Fingerprint Sensor, etc. can also be programmed using PictoBlox, you just have to add an extension for advanced sensors. but they don't mention where you find the RFID extension...)

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