RF input to GNSS module circuitry


I have been trying (and failing) to get some circuitry designed for the RF input to a U-blox Max8 GNSS module. I have never designed a PCB before but I am trying to add this SMD GNSS module to a board with a few other functionalities that I am building. I have finished the rest of the PCB because it is super basic (LEDs, ADCs ..etc.) but cannot figure the GNSS module out.

What I am trying to accomplish: Build a circuit with an IPEX connector so that I can attach an external antenna whose output feeds into the RF input of the Max 8 module. Can anyone show me how to build such a circuit? Or if you'd prefer explain how I might go about doing this?

The footprint and diagram are attached below datasheet: U-blox Max8 datasheet.

max8 footprint.JPG

max8 footprint.JPG

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