RF LCD remote to control a motor with feedback

Hi I I am wanting to control a stepper motor to open a ball valve in a open field about 1 miles away. They have modules that transmit that far however there is no status indication.

My idea was to have a LCD screen on the remote itself to show the status of the battery voltage/percentage and the status of the motor is getting powered ie. ON/OFF.

Push button (A) on handheld remote the RF signal would transmit to recover module at the end of the field and it will open the motorized ball valve to let water through. Then the receiving module with the motor would send a signal back to the remote and indicate on the LCD screen that the motor ball valve is open indicated as (ON).
Pressing button (B) would transmit another RF signal to the motorized ball valve to close the valve and again send a signal to the LCD remote indicating that the valve is in the closed position or (OFF).

I'm thinking for the distance that Lora would be the way to go but I could be wrong.

VOLTAGES: In the remote could us a 9v battery or a 18650 3.7-4.2v or if needed two 18650 batteries totalling 7.4v-8.4v

Motorized ball valve requires 9-24v in2as thinking if using a 12v battery.

If it would also be possible to have the LCD remote be updated with the status every 1min. So that is there is a malfunction ie Ball valve is opened / closed wouldn't want unnecessary water to pour out or field bit being water due to a malfunction.

Thank you and let me know if it's not possible

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Make sure You have a solid power situation. That application can be done with a geared DC motor and end switches.
RF transmitter draw quite some current, Amps, when transmitting so they need a good, separate,
supply of power.

Make sure to measure the torque needed to turn the valve. Then select motor and driver.

So this is the current remote I'm using

however I can't tell on the unit if it's on or not and for the ball valve I'm using this guy.

So I have the basics down and it works but I want an LCD screen to see the status of it.

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