RF Link Communication Problem

Hi to everybody, this is my first topic and it is about RF Communication with these items I've bought from SparkFun: - RF Link Transmitter - 434MHz - RF Link 4800bps Receiver - 434MHz

Ok this is the problem: I want to send some commands from the computer to the transmitter through the FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V connected by USB (I can use the serial monitor of the arduino environment to send data to the FTDI Basic), and then these commands will arrive to the RX pin of my arduino (through the receiver). But when I setup all these items, it seems that nothing arrives to the arduino... as if the rx pin is disconnected (but the wired communication works well). How can I solve my problem? Thank you in advance for any advice.


Have you reduced the serial speed to 4800 bps or less?

yes I tried both the 4800 and the 2400 bps