RF Link TX/RX with the RadioHead library


I have a RF Link Transmitter - 434MHz and a RF Link Receiver. I'm using them with an Arduino Uno.

It appears as though the VirtualWire library has been superseded by RadioHead.

Question 1:

Given the type of transmitter/receiver I have should I be using the ask_xx examples?

Question 2:

I've looked at several of the RadioHead examples and none of them refer to data pins on the RF modules. How should I wire up the transmitter/reciever to work with the RadioHead library?

Thank you in advance

Question1. Yes, you will be using the RH_ASK.h portion of the library.

Question2. The library uses default settings automatically Speed is 2000bps; RX pin = 11; TX pin = 12; Ptt pin = 10; PTT inverted = false. You will get these setting when you use

RH_ASK driver;

To change these setting, you establish the driver with other values, for example

RH_ASK driver(1000,4)//change speed and RX pin
RH_ASK driver(2000,10,12,8,false);//constructor to change any default setting/pins

Thank you SO much for your response - I'm up and running now!