RF-LORA Semtech SX1272

Hi guys. I am kind a noowbie in RF moduls. I need little help. I have bought from farnell two FR-LORA Semtech Sx1272 moduls and I don't know to connect this moduls to arduino uno. Can anyone help me which pins i need to connect to which pins on arduino uno? Here is link to datasheet of the radio module:

I need sending simple messages between 3 arduinos uno. Two of them will be slaves and one will be master for showing messages from slaves.

And can anyone recommend a good library for thise radio muduls? Datasheet is alsou in attachment.

Many thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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Look i don't want to brake rules I am really sorry for that, but i need help with this module. So please can You help me?

seyfo888 writes:

I don't know to connect this moduls to arduino uno

You have the data sheet and if you read, you will see that the module has SPI, which you can connect to the Arduino SPI.

I do not know of any library, only because I have not searched.
I don't know Semtech hardware, except that the research I have done in past months suggest they would be well designed and reliable. A local company here near me uses them in locality based LoRa networks.

Keep searching :slight_smile:


A two minute online search will provide you with I think enough insight on how to make the SX1272 module work with Arduino.

For example, if I can find this, I am sure you can too: GitHub - matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic: This library is deprecated, see the README for alternatives.

It may not be the complete answer, but worth a good read.
Now, as I mentioned, go and search and put your time to good use and study.

Paul - VK7KPA