RF module 2.4Ghz <$10 MRF24J40MA  @ 250Kbps ??????

Hi All,

Is there anybody out there that uses a Arduino in combination with the Microchip's MRF24J40MA via a SPI interface? May be there is a library out there specificly for this chip?



I also want to know if there is any code for this cheap Zigbee chip... This chip is cheaper then any other, so it would be nice to get this thing working.


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Hey Atmoz,

I moved to Microchip's PIC series and found a nice small OEM board with a PIC24 and a compatable USB dongle so that you can wirelessy communicate with the remote battery operated radiomodule. Have a look @ www.isasensing.com. The PIC24+MR24J240 module cost 30 euros and the dongle 20 euros. You can also purcase a complete FCC compliant module @ Farnell for about 10 euro's with the complete circuit and passive components + integrated 2.4 GHz anttena : see


and it's about 7 euros..... Have a look at the ISAsensing and may be you can find the software for these modules because the modules are delivered with source C code. I'm not sure if there is a C compiler available for the Arduino or you need to change the source code to the programming language of the Arduino. Another good place to look around is Microchips own website and there you can find i.e.


Hope this helps you enough.