rf module

Hello, sorry I keep asking so many questions but I'm very new to this and very interested but am having trouble finding easy to understand resources via book or web.

So just for fun I got a rf transmitter and receiver set. They came with NO documentation and no link to datasheet or anything.
The transmitter has 3 pins, ground power and data.
The receiver has 4 pins, ground, 2 data, and power.

How could I start off my exploration of RF modules with a simple project? I was thinking have the transmitter on Arduino and a reciever on the other side of the room linked to an LED with a breadboard and power and make it blink? How would I go about coding this?

Sorry this applies to a few different categories on the forum but I mainly need to know how to code it so I thought it fit best here.


It would really help if you would share a link to the modules you have.
Here is a starting place:

that's a link to the module

Have you seen this


I have and that seems simple enough, but how could I do that with only one Arduino Uno?

Well, what do you expect it to do? You need something on the receiving end....

You want to use a Uno to send data out on a pin to the transmitter and then receive the data coming in from the receiver on a pin on the same Uno?

No, maybe what I'm looking to do is not possible...

I was looking to have the transmitter on the Arduino send data so a completely separate circuit without an arduino could light an LED.

I figured the receiver would simply put out electrical pulses from the data pin that could be used to light an LED without need for 2 Arduinos. Is that possible or am I misunderstanding how these rf modules work?

In other words, the LED would light when any kind of data was received by the receiver. The data doesn't need to be interpreted or used in any way other than for the electric. This is only a one way transmission.

Please help me out if I'm just totally and utterly wrong or not making sense

well, its not the way the receiver is intended to work, but I think it could be done.

you need to check how much power the pin can provide. you probably will need to use the data pin to controller a transistor which then powers the LED. You will probably only be able to make it flicker - I cant think of a way to have it be continuously on without any extra IC in there.

you are making sense.

I think you need to just go ahead and try it. follow the tutorial, but instead having a receiver UNO, just connect the data-pin to an LED. if it doesn't work, try using a transistor. I would pobably get an attiny to control the LED if I where doing this.

Alright, thanks a bunch! I'll see what I can make work

You have the option to have the RCVR connected to a atmega 328 chip, look for stand alone.