Rf Modules

Hi all, I was looking at doing this (http://www.reseau.org/arduinorc/index.php?n=main.connections) project but the rf module that I was planing on using only has csn, pa, gnd, gd02, miso, clk, mosi, and 3.3v pinouts...any ideas on how i could modify, the pcb or programing to still use this rf module???

What is the type or number of your rf module ? Can you post a link to it ? Can you upload a photo of it ?

It's a propriety module from a radiolink t6ehp-e radio system. Only markings on it are ewrf 3081at-v1.2. I'm not even sure if I can use it. but I already have it, so the price is right :P. I can provide pics when my camera is charged.

rf module pic

If this module cannot be used, any suggestions on a good module that i can use???

That module is hard to find. It has the most similarities with a CC2500 2.4GHz module, used for RC.

For modules that can be used with an Arduino, see the websites of Sparkfun and Adafruit.