RF nano questions

At this point I'm honestly just as sick of talking about nRF modules as I am this stupid pandemic, but here we are.

I ordered some RF nanos from Aliexpress and I want to know a few things before they arrive.

  • What is their latency? I'm going to be using the receiver at a distance of 15-30 meters from the transmitter.

  • Should I send data with an array or a struct? I feel like struct is much easier, but people seem to use arrays much more. Are they better in some way?

  • How fragile are they? This one sounds irrelevant but one of them is going into a combat robot. When I used normal nRF24L01 modules, they all broke (8 of them) just because of the vibrations caused by the weapon, and around four of them were DOA.

  • Are they heat-sensitive or do they get hot? This also sounds irrelevant but it's going to be stuffed in a box with an L298N and a brushless ESC. It's going to be warm in there. (The L298N doesn't get very hot, but if something goes wrong it might.)

  • What is the maximum voltage I can pump through the VIN pins? I'm using a 25C 11.1V LiPo. Normally I would use a 7.4V LiPo but the motors are pretty slow.

Thanks in advance.

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