RF & Noise

I have an MX-RM-5V RF received hooked up to an Arduino Nano. VCC is connected to the 5V pin on the Arduino and GND to the GND pin on the Arduino. The one of the two data pins is hooked up to D2 on the Arduino. At this point I am not even looking at what I see from the Arduino but simply just what the MX-RM-5V outputs (using a scope). There is a lot of noise that gets picked up.

Previously I used an RTL-SDR to decode a signal from an RF remote control and I never so that much noise. Hence, I think there is something else going on. Btw, the plan is to use the Arduino with the MX-RM-5V to get RF signals for those same remotes. Any input regarding possible sources of that noise and how to combat it would be appreciated.

The noise you see from the data slicer is normal, and will go away when someting is received. Leo..

Thanks. I guess I just have to continuously decode it and see if a get a valid preamble.

AFAIK most receiver libraries use pin D2 for a reason (interrupt 0). Leo..