RF Range and Data Rate

I would like to know that whether RF range is being affected by data size and data rate or not.

For size example, transmitting a char array of size 4 bytes vs a char array of 8 bytes, is it the same?

For rate example, baud rate of 1200 vs 9600, does it affect range?

I'm using a common pair of RF module.

Thanks a lot!

RF range depends on TX power, RX sensitivity, aerials, frequency band, modulation type, background noise, and maybe more. Transmitters/receivers are designed for a certain bandwith/baud rate, specified in the datasheet. There must be thousands of different "common pairs of RF modules". Be specific (links). Leo..

I'd say that roughly range is proportional to SQRT (POWER) / BANDWIDTH - straight Shannon.

Of course the actual range you get depends on frequency, antennas, modulation scheme , obstacles, reflections, interference, acceptable error rate etc etc