RF reader 10 to 20 cm


Can anyone please suggest 10 to 20 cm range Rf reader as i only see 5 cm range

What type of RFID cards/tags are you trying to read?


Passive systems can be things like your bank card or something else.
Active systems are generally significantly larger and are things like vehicle mounted remote tally system, perhaps like the ETC system.

That's why I asked.

Depending on the type of tag the OP is trying to read... 5cm maybe be the best they will get - by design.

Am using 13.56 MHz key fob

So it's passive.
I honestly have never ever see a passive RFID reader that is capable of reading anything more than a few centimters away.

A better criteria to choose the different modules would be the mounting options (e.g. how it's fixed to a surface), the different connections (e.g. I2C, SPI, serial), the manufacturer that made the chip, and the cost.

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