RF Reader to read RF fob at 2 feet distance


can you please advise an RF reader to read RF fob at 2 feet distance and compatible with Aruduino

Please define "RF fob" and "Aruduino"

RFID Tag Key Fob Keyfobs Keychain Ring Token 125Khz Proximity ID Card and Aruduino uno

For near-field devices you get more range with a larger base-station antenna - ie the larger the coil, the bigger the range (although sensitivity may be an issue with small tags). Larger antennas require lower frequencies (ie 125kHz, not VHF).

For instance the tags used in shop doorways use flat printed coils in the tags about 2cm across and the base station coils are over 1m across.

So can you please suggest relevant reader, antenna, fob key

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