RF receiver question

I have a wireless energy meter. It shows data on a display en stores it also internal. The receiver can be connected with PC via usb to get the stored data and show it in a dedicated program (not possible to take the data to analyse it in a spreadsheet). It is also not possible to view the live data via usb (only the stored data).

Now I wonder if it is possible to take the live data straight from the receiver (I’ve opened it to take the printboard out) and put that signal to my arduino with ethernet-shield.

I have already a temperature-logger running, so I only have to find the solution for the problem with the receiver.

The datasheet for that receiver chip is: http://electrohome.pbworks.com/f/A7201+Datasheet+v0.5+(1).pdf

By checking the connections, particularly the SPIS (SPI Select) pin you should be able to tell if it is using SPI or raw data output.

Thank you for the answer, johnwasser.
I am not so familiar with that, but I was wondering, since the data could be displayed on the receiver shouldn't it be possible to take an output that I can use (maybe amplified) on the arduino?

The input in de transmitter is simply a changing voltage. It is that change that I want to capture (can be relative because I can do calculations on it to standardize it). It must be wireless because the measurement is on another place.

i am using two transmitters to transmit data to a single receiver one by one..i have different address for both the transmitters..can i change the reciver address by connecting it to atmega8 bu sending digital high or low on the pins and yes i am using a encoder and decoder..is it right?

It sounds like the OP has some form of Efergy Energy Monitors.
This article may be of some help.

The only practical way of extracting data out of these types of display devices, is to extract the data
from the wireless receiver chip and then decode it .
Its generally not possible to get at the decoded data once its inside the Micro without having some detailed
information on how the Micro works.