RF Relay Switch with 2.4 GHz NRF24L01 and Arduino

Dear All,

I started using arduino and have able to successfully used arduino with NRF24L01 and RF24 library.

As a next step I want to control or switch on and off my home switches using RF transmitter that I created using arduino and 2.4 Ghz transmitter with NRF24L01.

I have been trying to buy the Relay switch which work on 2.4 Ghz so that I can control those switches with my transmitter.

Question I have is as follows

1) Do I need to have the Relay which also uses NRF24L01 chip or RF relay can be based on any other chip using 2.4 GHz frequency band. As I said my transmitter will be based on NRF24L01.

2) If the receiver is to be based on the same chip i.e NRF24L01 , can anyone suggest as where can I find those switches.

Kindly help, so far all the queries answered on this forum has really helped me to proceed.

Thanks in advance. Rahul