RF Remote


I'm planning on using a RF remote to cycle through different light functions with each press of the button on the remote fob. Here's the remote I'm looking at buying for reference.


I'm currently using standard press buttons into pin 2 and 3 to trigger ISR's to go to the next light pattern. All works well with the current set-up however I'd like to use a remote for the final install. The choices for the remote I'm given are momentary mode or latch mode. I read about each and have a basic understanding of how each works, but I'm not sure ultimately what way to go. I have not been able to find any examples to gleen info from here. Would the momentary mode remote be best due to added possibilities of adding length of pressing the button functions to my code? Will my Arduino read it the same (or similar) as holding down the regular press button down longer?

Thanks a lot!

Go with the momentary: for people used to infrared remotes for consumer electronics, it's more intuitive to push-and-release the button to advance to the next function than to "push, wait for it to cycle to the desired setting, then push again".