RF Super Heterodyne Wireless Receiving Module TDL-9927 - What pin does what?

I have purchase a RF Super Heterodyne Wireless Receiving Module TDL-9927 from china.

Problem is there is no details on which pin does what!

The model is TDL-9927

There are lots of sellers selling these and none show which pins are which.




That module number leads here... http://www.tuodi.net/products-1.html#12

Some of the Tx/Rx modules have more explanation which should allow you to see how that particular module works.

Go to this module in particular... http://www.tuodi.net/pd/9927.html

It uses this decoder chip -- PT2272 (princeton) http://www.e-ele.net/DataSheet/PT2272.pdf

so that should allow you to find out which pins go to the Power... the PDF also has sample circuits -- one of which probably matches that module.

Note this google link takes you to the transmitter spec sheet (HIMARK RX3310A -- which strangely enough is on the chip visible on your picture...) ...


A direct link to Princeton (TW) http://www.princeton.com.tw/

To find this material you have to be able to read and key in the part numbers. ]:)


I found a PDF appliation circuit for the RX3310A so was going to try to trace the pins from the chip to the external pins.

What is the decoding chip for ? The site talks about Remote Controls etc..

Is this PT2272 chip on the back of the circuit board? I am at work so can't look at the moment.


Here is where I bought the device



Model: TDL-9927

  • Material: PCB
  • Working Frequency: 315Mhz
  • Oscillation Mode: Surface acoustic wave (SAW)
  • Bandwidth: 2MHz
  • Modulation Systems: ASK/OOK
  • Sensitivity: -100dBm
  • Transmission Rate: < 5Kbps
  • Antenna Length: 24mm
  • Working Voltage: DC 3V~5V
  • Working Current: <= 5.5mA
  • Ideal for wireless remote control device, burglar alarm security system etc.

I found a document online in Chinese that is for this board (aparantly)


I tried to translate the document but google returns nothing for it - also copying to the clipboard did not work for me.

But from the diagram we have this

I am about to give it a try hope it is accurate


I read the document. There is nothing there you so not already know or could not have easily found in the previous links.

Maybe you should install Google Chrome which can do auto-translation for you.