RF to IP to RF

Before we start, I understand that there is an exact module being made that far surpasses what I'm doing. I will play with the M2 after this.

What I want to do, is set up a kit that sends and receives RF (303, 433, 915 & 917-924) from a remote location to the alarm panel.

My supposition is that I put an IP module in the alarm box, and one in the car. The car will use a mobile network for internet connectivity, and the alarm will be haedwired to the local network.

Where I need the magic of Disney to happen, is that I want a pair of units to receive rf signal, have it sent over internet, then broadcast on the other side, wherever that may be.

The current setup is that my car has a wireless module connected to my alarm (which is app controlled) that primes the glows and starts the car, as well as gives push notifications on alarm (reed switches on entries). I want to extend this coverage to work wherever I can receive a 2/3/4g signal.


Thanks for input, and Im a newbie to Arduino, but assume I'll understand what you're talking about.

High five, very nice.

I'm not sure what you want to build. For RF communication no IP is required, otherwise it doesn't matter for an IP connection, whether the signal originates from RF or some directly connected sensor.

For IP communication I guess that GSM modules and protocol can be used, but I'm not familiar with such stuff.