RF transceiver module with TI CC110L, extra pin (PAC)

Purchased a pair of these:
and started planning how to connect them.

Here is a guide for Arduino atleast: Arduino : use a Texas CC1101 – Erwan's Blog
but my cards have an extra pin marked PAC, what can that mean in this context? Seems as if the signal first goes through a six pin component that I cannot read the entire marking off but I think it isa 4.9V zener diode. Then the signal controls two AS169, Skyworks | Error 404 .

I am not totally sure if there is an RF gain stage onboard, though there seems to be something that could be a power transistor marked H3 2341. According to datasheet CC110L can give 12 dBm which is 16 mW, but according to DX the module should deliver 20 dBm, i.e. 100 mW... It should be fed 5V but has a 3.3V regulator that feeds CC110L.

Could one then believe that PAC high enables the RF stage?

Nobody has experience of similar modules/markings?
I have now atleast made a breakout board/shield because the darn module has 2.5mm pin grid :0

Just have to start experimenting to get it up and configurated. Thinking to make a remote temperature/humidity measurement for my garage, and possibly a remote block heater relay.