RF Transmitter/Reciever/Transciever for 299.6MHz

Hi everyone,

I am looking to replicate the RF signal from my ceiling fan/light remote so I can use my arduino instead.

I did some research and found a link (https://fccid.io/KUJCE9101) of the remote that says the frequency is 299.6MHz however I am not entirely sure if that is the same remote because mine looks a little different. I have added photos of my remote.

So far I have only seen parts that use 433MHz or the 315MHz, not 299.6MHz so I was wondering if such a part exists. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I live in Alberta, Canada if that has anything to do with the frequency range or part itself.

What matters is where the device was purchased, not where you live. Did you install the fan? Was it purchased on Ebay and made in China? Many things are imported that do not work on proper frequencies for the country they are installed in.

You can search the ISM frequencies for Canada, but they likely do not include 299.6mHz.