RF wireless comunication problem

I am having problems with the connection between 3 NRF24L01 RF modules, all are connected to Arduino Nano (2 clones and 1 original)

I may not say much about the product i am developing so i'll divide it into grids instead, where all the grids are driven by their own arduino nano.

Grid A is a basic remote control with buttons, grid B and C are moveable carts mounted on rails in both ends, they are connected to the same rails and needs to move independently, but allowing simutanously movement.

Grid B is the brain of the entire system and is consisting of 1 accellerometer/gyro combo, 1 NRF24L01 wireless module, 2 stepper drivers, 2 stepper motors and a photoresistor.
Grid C is identical to B,but without the photoresistor.
All the grids are powered by 5V powerbanks

The plan:
Grid A sends signals of which button is pressed to B (oneway), B translates this into positions for the stepper motors (both for grid B and C) in case where both B and C has to move, grid B sends the target possition to C and C should confirm (two way), such that grid C isn't stationary if grid B moves to C's old position and therefore hits grid C.

Basic test setup:
grid A and B are tested without any connection to C.
I am using the 'Getting started' example from the RF24 library by TMRh20
One module pings out and the other module pongs back.

The problem:
The NRF24L01 module in B sends the signal, A gets the signal from B, A is transmilting the data back, but B doesn't get it, it has worked in reverse.

I suspect there might be a problem with the power consumption of grid B since there are a lot of stuff connected (Stepper motors are in sleep mode, when using the wireless comunication), the wireless module is the only thing who is recieving 3,3V from the arduino 3,3V port while the rest gets 5V.

I've read about adding a 10 MicroFarad capacitor to the +- of the wireless modules, but i haven't tried it, yet, since i have none in stock.

Do you guys have any ideas to what could cause this problem?