RF12B - Reading gate remote

Is it possible to read a signal from a simple gate remote (see pic)? Im trying to read something from it using an example from Bazingalabs (https://github.com/bazingalabs/RF12B). Unfortunately they didn't show how to connect (there are at least 3 possibilities?). I've tried to read it from the code but I don't know if correct... There is written in rf12b_def.h:

#define TX 1 //??
#define RX 0 //??
#define CS_PIN 11
#define SDO_PIN 12
#define NIRQ_PIN 9 
#define nFFS_PIN 10

I'm using Trinket pro 3.3v. My connections ---- RF12B: 9 DI/DO --- nIRQ 10 DI/DO --- nFFS 11 CS --- nSEL 12 MISO --- SDO


Do you have the Receiver card that goes with it?
Might look like this
Has 4 outputs that change with a button push.

No, I have only RF12B. But remote looks exactly the same.


Sorry for a long break, school.... :'(

OK so I'v got a brand new RFM83CL-433D, but I have a problem again. I'm trying to run it with a RCSwitch library as in this tutorial: http://www.princetronics.com/how-to-read-433-mhz-codes-w-arduino-433-mhz-receiver/

My connections: Trinket --- RFM 3V --- VCC G --- GND PIN3 --- DATA GND --- SHUT

I'm using ReciveDemo_Simple example with only one change:


"1" instead "0" because I use INT1.

Am I doing something wrong?


There is a lot of noise on Data Output. Probably that's why the algorithm can't interpret it correctly. According to RF83 manual (page 18) I'll try to clean data. Shame I don't have a scope :/