RF24 Library & Nano 33 IoT


I have been working on an application using several Unos and nRF24L01 radios for communication between units. The whole project has been working as expected. Now I want to swap one of the Unos for a Nano 33 IoT to be able to communicate through the internet initially and disseminate instructions to downstream Unos over the radios. Upon swapping in a Nano 33 IoT, the code that runs perfectly on the Unos won’t work. Seems like the Nano unit will send, but can’t receive.

I have read some about the Nanos and the RF24 library on the forum and there are a lot of mixed opinions about whether they work together.

Does anyone know anything definitively? I feel like I’m chasing my tail and unable to tell whether it’s an incompatibility issue or something else.


You will have to pack any structures that are transmitted or received.
AVRs pack on byte boundary, 32-bit processors don't.


Thanks for the quick response! Can you expand a little on what you mean by “pack any structures”. I’m not sure what this means.

Thanks again!

Is your Google broken, or is it just an acute case of laziness?

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