RF24 Network


I am trying to make a network for RF24 modules but could not achieve. I loaded github RF24Network softwares but it gives error. What can i do ?



What error?

Post the program YOU uploaded to your Arduinos and post the actual error message.

Have you got simple 1 to 1 communication between a pair of nRF24s working? If not that should be the first step.

Do you really need to use the Network feature?

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Hello Robin2,

I want to make an Arduino network which 5 modules send data recpectively and one module receives data. I loaded the RF24Network files from github(Rf24Network.h, RF24Network.cpp) and when I load the example file (helloworld_rx) in RF24Network file I receives following messages and system gives "Error compiling for board Arduino Nano" messages.

D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function 'uint16_t RF24Network::read(RF24NetworkHeader&, void*, uint16_t)':

D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:682:35: error: 'rf24_min' was not declared in this scope

maxlen = rf24_min(maxlen,bufsize);


D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function 'bool RF24Network::write(RF24NetworkHeader&, const void*, uint16_t, uint16_t)':

D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:782:79: error: 'rf24_min' was not declared in this scope

uint16_t fragmentLen = rf24_min((uint16_t)(len-offset),max_frame_payload_size);


D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:815:16: error: 'class RF24' has no member named 'txStandBy'

ok = radio.txStandBy(txTimeout);


D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function 'bool RF24Network::write(uint16_t, uint8_t)':

D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:962:11: error: 'class RF24' has no member named 'txStandBy'



D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function 'bool RF24Network::write_to_pipe(uint16_t, uint8_t, bool)':

D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:1071:14: error: 'class RF24' has no member named 'writeFast'

ok = radio.writeFast(frame_buffer, frame_size,0);


D:\BULENT\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:1074:16: error: 'class RF24' has no member named 'txStandBy'

ok = radio.txStandBy(txTimeout);


exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Nano.

Hello Robin2,

You have posted the error messages but you did not post the program - without which the messages are meaningless.

And you did not answer my other 2 questions.

Now, here are two more questions (making 4, in all)

  • how far apart are the 5 Arduinos?
  • how much data needs to be transmitted (number of bytes per second)?

PS … To make it easy for people to help you post code and error messages using the code button </> so your code looks like this and is easy to copy to a text editor. See How to use the Forum

The program is standart Arduino/RF24Network/examples/helloworld_rx/helloworld_rx.ino. I just only tried this program. If there was no error message, i was going to make a network. Fisrt of all I wanted to check RF24Network software whether there wae any problem or not. But when I saw the error messages, i could not proceed for network.



My 4 questions are still awaiting an answer.

But I am not in any hurry. My nRF24s work fine.