RF24 networklibary and network.available()

I use the library and everything works like expected

The only thing i don't understand is the network.available()

Let's think that i also wanne do a function or something else if there is NO network.available .

at the description we read

bool RF24Network::available ( void ) Test whether there is a message available for this node.

Returns: Whether there is a message available for this node

so i thought to do this

if (network.available() == false)
digitalWrite(rood, LOW);

but this doesn't work

someone other idea ?

helmuteke: but this doesn't work

In what way does it not work?

Note that if there is network input available, you would need to read it in order for it to stop being available.

i have a while ( network.available() ) { }

where i read everything , that's works

but now is the case if there is nothing to read , lets blink a LED

so i did this

 while ( !network.available() )
    digitalWrite(oranje, LOW);
    digitalWrite(groen, LOW);
     if (roodstatus == 0 )
       digitalWrite(rood, LOW);    
       roodstatus = 1;
       digitalWrite(rood, HIGH);    
       roodstatus = 0;

This blink always the led and doesn't read the

while ( network.available() )