RF24 radio.write fails

Let me start off by saying I'm somewhat new to arduino so go slow...

I'm using the maniacbug RF24 library

I'm trying to get the 'gettingstarted ' example working...it's basically working, but I have a strange problem. In fact even the pingpair example behaves the same way...

Between an Arduino UNO and A DigiStump DIGIX(based on the DUE), when I send a message the message arrives (confirmed by some print statements on the receive side), but the radio.write() method returns a false (failure) status code. I think this means that the outgoing message was received, but the sender did not receive an ack from the receiver. I see this in both directions regardless of which is sending and which is receiving.
After looking through various forums(Maniacal Bits: April 2013), I found references to needing to be careful in the selection of the pipe addresses. The examples used 0xF0F0F0F0E1LL and 0xF0F0F0F0D2LL. Using these it would fail 100% of the time. Changing ONLY the pipe addresses to 0xAAAAAAAAE1LL and 0xAAAAAAAAD2LL improved it to working about 60% of the time (but they say to avoid 0xAA as an octet in the address - go figure). I've tried lots of other addresses none seem to be more than 60% reliable. I think it's apparent that this is a radio issue, but how do I fix it?


Package lost during Serial.print ??
Set to 115200 baud

Did you found a solution for your problem? I have exactly the same problem. I know that packets are being send, and received but radio.write fails. So the response back is never received. (1 : 50 success ratio)