may I ask how long is the distance of the RF24 modules,
or did do any "modifying" please tell, :slight_smile:

The ‘distance’ can vary enormously between that measured in and around a building and outdoors where the transmitter and receiver have a good view of each other as in hilltop to hilltop.

You will get some ideas if you do a google search;

Search Google Here.

There are two types of nRF24L01+ modules. Some have a pcb antenna and others have a more powerful amplifier and an external antenna for greater range. You can mix and match - for example a powerful base unit and compact slave units.

I have only used the versions with the pcb antenna and in one test they were still working at a range of 110 metres outdoors over an unobstructed range. I have also had them working from one room to another in a brick-built building.

2.4GHz wireless can be severely attenuated by foliage and by certain type of building construction. You really need to do tests in the location where you propose to use them.

Lower frequency 433MHz wireless is better for longer ranges and for dealing with obstructions - for example the HC12 modules.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial