RF24L01 problems with radio.available()


I am trying to connect two RF24L01 moduls with each others. For that i am using an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Nano clone. I checked the wireing several times. There is no external powersupply. Both Boards are connected to an USB-Port from a Laptop.

CS -> Pin 6
CSN -> Pin 7
SCK -> Pin13
MOSI -> Pin11
MISO -> Pin12

Additionally I connected an 10mF Capacitor to VCC (3,3v) and GND.

Now I am facing a problem I don't understand. The function "radio.available()" returns true, while the function "radio.isChipConnected()" returns false all the time.

Have you tried running the radio library example sketches?

Yes and i found the failure. I was using a breadboardadapter with an builtin regulator.
Without the extra capacitor and a 5v vcc to the adapter it works fine.