RF24network and how do i send text instead of a float number ?


Hope someone can help me, I have been tryng all day to work out how to accomplish the following:

I have been using this code for a year and it works well, I obtain a float temparature reading, then its converted to decimal places and then sent out via nRF24L01 transmitter.

My needs have changed and I know need to send text as well, such as: TurnOnLed

I cannot work out how to convert the text to be sent using this part of the code:

RF24NetworkHeader header(other_node);
bool ok = network.write(header,&payload,sizeof(payload));

I think it may involve using a char is some way, but not really sure ?

Thanks in anticipation


float Float_to_Decimal;     

struct  payload_t                                                                                  // Defines a structure (a template), NO STORAGE is allocated. When used variables ARE IN THIS ORDER.                           

          float  Anything;                                                                           // This is just a name, usually descriptive, could be anything at all, as its a 'member' of struct. 
          float  Sensor;                                                                             //      

void  RF_send_temperature (void)
      network.update();                                                                 // Pump the network regularly.
      unsigned long currentTime = millis();                                         // millis = used as part of a timer.
      if ( currentTime - previousTime >= Temperature_interval)             // Not really used, but left in for compatibility, Set to 1 ms in 'Start page'.
           previousTime = currentTime;
           Temparature_float_2_decimals();                                                // Convert the float to 2 decimals places after decimal point.                                      
           payload_t payload = {packets_sent++, Float_to_Decimal};             // Create an instance called 'payload' of the struct and put values in it.(Was 'payload_t payload).

           RF24NetworkHeader header(other_node);  
           bool ok = network.write(header,&payload,sizeof(payload));
        if (ok)
           Serial.println(F("sent ok."));