RF24Network library multicast() function not working

i am using NRF24l01 module with 3 arduino boards.
One board is the base(master) that will broadcast the same message to the remainings two UNOs(node 1 and node 2).
I check the wiring and power but still no message is received at the nodes.Any help please

test05_base00.ino (1.23 KB)

test05_node01.ino (879 Bytes)

test05_node02.ino (812 Bytes)

I have no experience with the RF24 network library but several times people have asked questions about it when their project did not need it at all. What is the longest distance between your master and the furthest nRF24?

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Less than a meter

For such a short distance there should be no problem communicating with the basic RF24 library. Have you looked at the examples in my Tutorial?

For such a short distance have you considered a wired connection - perhaps using I2C. Have a look at this Arduino to Arduino I2C Tutorial