Rf433.92 MHZ reciver for multi channel remote


I am trying to use a multi channel remote controller in my project .
I can read and use the garage door transmitters.

but I couldnt recive any data of multi channel rf 433mhz reciver. I tried lots of 433mhz reciver but couldt get any data.

this kind of remote controller I try to use :https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/32846710710.html
can someone help me?

Does the modulation for the data transmission fits?

The words "multi channel" means a different code is sent for each button. It does not mean a different frequency or any other parameter. The documentation for your receiver, normally, would show you how to train the receiver to accept the code from one remote button at a time. Seems you do not have the documentation.


I don’t have any documentation of the remote controller , it came with a tubular motor , the only document is the button press order to pair the remote with the motor and adjust the turning limits of motor.
I asked the factory but they didn’t tell anything.

Using using random equipment that you dont have information for or dont know the actual low level protocols used is not a good place to start.

It might be 433Mhz but thats the same as saying its a human that is speaking, when of course they could be using a gazillion variations of languages and dialects.

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