RFarduino is NOT recognized whereas arduino UNO yes (issue in Windows7)

Hi, My first topic here is this forum, because I really need your help after spending hours to get my arduino UNO and RFarduino to be recognized on my windows7.

ARDUINO UNO : OK The best working solutions I've found so far for ARDUINO UNO are the ones given by a mix of http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=205037.0 and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26215669/windows-7-does-not-see-arduino-uno-r3-board-in-its-device-manager This mixed-solution consists in manually copy-past the usbser.sys and arduino.inf files in the right folders as the installer isn't doing it. In addition, a specific patch has been distributed that force the driver to recognize the arduino UNO.

RF-ARDUINO: NOT OK, why? NOW however, This solution doesn't work to get my RF-ARDUINO recognized! Did anybody have the same issue and find a solution for that?

Any help would be more than enjoyed, Remain at disposal