RFDP8 inventors shield

Testing the RFDP8 inventors shield for Arduino RFD21815. Range is not as expected (inhouse about 15 m; brochure mentions 150 m). Is it necessary to add external antenna ? What size ?

Thx, Chris

Adding a link to the device you are using would be more helpful.

Here is more info on the device i'm using. http://www.opensourcerf.com/rfd21815/RFD21815%20wireless%20inventors%20shield%20manual.pdf The shield is excellent, very error-proof and programming is easy. But i am disappointed on the range... probably because i don't know. If an ext antenna is useful and which antenna (length) is needed.

Thx for helping me out.

That pdf file shows an external antenna connection, but says nothing about it. But, it does have an e-mail address. If it were me, I'd be sending an e-mail.

Got an answer from RF Digital "150 meter range is outdoor line of sight test. Indoor range will usually be less because there are a lot of obstacles and objects which will reflect, deflect and absorb RF energy. You cannot connect an external antenna to the Inventors Shield. The best thing you can do is keep the antenna area clear of any objects on both ends."

Someone an idea to 'rescue' my project. I made a transmitter and receiver based on this shield with 2 Arduino's... It works fine. But the distance (about 30 meter from house to garage) is apparently too biog. What could be a solution? Programming a repeater myself with the same shield and an extra Arduino in between? Other solutions? Other technology?

Thx for helping.