RFduino Installation

Hi Guys,

I just got a set of RFduinos and started playing around. But the 1st issue comes to me is that:

Even I downloaded the RFduino files from the link below and put them in the arduino/hardware/arduino/ folder with avr folder. However I still could not find the RFduino shown in the tools>boards>…
I’m sure the USB driver (FTDI driver) is correct.
Could someone help me out on this issue? Thanks.

Take a look at the link you posted to find a good way to install RFduino.

  1. Open Arduino

  2. Go to: Menu / Preferences, and add
    to Additional Board Manager URLs and save (see picture).

  3. Open the Boards Manager under Tools->Board menu.

  4. Select the RFduino package at the end of the list, and click Install to install it.

  5. Your new board will now show up in the Tools->Board menu.

Either that, or you extract it to the hardware folder in your sketchbook folder (you will have to create the hardware folder). It should go into (sketchbook)/hardware and there should be 1 folder with whatever the name of the hardware package is, and files and folders inside that (sometimes when unzipping, you end up with an extra layer of folders - that will keep arduino from recognizing it).

Never modify any files in the folder that Arduino is installed to. There is no longer any need to do that - guides that tell you to do that to add board definitions and the like are obsolete (1.0.x era, when we're now on 1.8.10).

Technically what you did would have worked, except you put it in the arduino folder inside the hardware folder, but you should absolutely not do that. First off, if it's installed under program files, depending on the windows UAC settings, the files could end up in the virtual store, and depending on the privileges of the process accessing them, they may or may not appear to be there. Secondly, it's terrible practice. Thirdly, you'll lose it when you upgrade the IDE.

Be aware that the file structure is slightly different depending on if it's the package for board manager or the package for manual installation - so using the board manager download to install manually won't work.