rfduino project

So i am looking to start a project it would involve rfduino, and a 2 buttons each would send either a 0 or 1 to smarthphone over bloothoth The thing i cant figure out is how many clicks i would get on 3 batteries of 1.2v and 1450 mAh

the specs of rfduino are following Low Supply Voltage 1.9V Typical Supply Voltage 3V High Supply Voltage 3.6V Transmit Current 18mA, 4uA ULP Receive Current 18mA, 4uA ULP

does it means i would get (1450*3)/18 hours of clicking sending data? also can somebody please explain how much would i get on 2 of those batteries?

We would need to know how long each of the currents is drawn for. What is the standby current? This needs to be taken into acount.

You will also probably not get the full rated mAh out of the battery as thing change as the battery discharges.

If the current is 18mA continuously, you would get 1450*3/18 for 3 batteries. 2 batteries will give 2/3 of this.