RFID alternative

Hello community. Recently I used RFID RC522 module a lot and my experience is that it is pretty unreliable (i.e. it is prone to noise in power supply and has bad range) and plus it requires a lot of wiring. So, I decided to come up with more user friendly alternative and I need to consult with you if the idea sounds attainable from your point of view.

Lets say that we have 4 objects to detect. In each object, we put a small LC circuit, but each with different resonant frequency. Lets say that first resonates at 1 kHz, second at 2 kHz, third at 3 kHz and fourth at 4 kHz. In other words, those LC circuits would represent tag equivalents.

Equivalent of RFID readers would be identical coils, each connected to separate analog input of Arduino. We also need to use Arduino's digital outputs, which will enable work of 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 3 kHz and 4 kHz oscillators during phase of excitation and disable their work during phase of listening.

What is your opinion, will this work?


Might, but you do not have any RFID happening. Your receiving device never is able to transmit data because the amount of stored energy can only emit a single pulse of the VERY low frequency.

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