RFID and GPS logging code

Hello all,

I have been working on an sd logger that will do the following:

  • receive an RFID tag code
  • get the gps coordinates of the receiver at the time the code was received
  • save these 2 things in a text file -repeat for next rfid tag

I have the RFID and GPS code working independently, but I am not sure how to code what needs to happen

If someone can point me to a similar project or topic that I can pull code from or help in any way that would be great.

The code I have is basic Serial.print of the gps and RFID codes. I have narrowed down the gps output using tinyGPS to just the latitude and longitude.

So, what is not working for you ?

I do not know how to approach the "if RFID received, get gps coordinates" command

both would be connected to the arduino and the gps would be constantly streaming data. I need to get one line of gps data when the RFID code is received

hey… evn m looking for such code… did u find any success??? can u plz help me also with it…