RFID and menu displays

Hi everyone,

I’m new to both these forums and Arduino microprocessors. Anyway, myself and two other students wish to modify an existing device (already using the Arduino Uno) to have state based menus. That is to say, depending upon one’s location in a home (bedroom, living room, etc) we wish for a specific menu to appear on our device.

Our idea was to place 2 RFID tags at the entrance to each room (on the ceiling). The tag for room X would be on Room X’s side of the door whilst the tag for room Y would be on Room Y’s side of the door. We intend for the RFID tags to have a range of about 2-3 metres and for them to be passive. AAs the device moves from room X to Room Y it would detect tag X first and then tag Y. As you move further into room Y, tag X would first go out of range and then tag Y would also go out of range. This transition from X to Y would be the basis for which our device’s menu changes. Based on our concept, the tag range must be sufficiently small so as not to be detectable at all times when you are in a particular room.

I have browsed the internet and found many candidate readers, but they are all expensive AND offer a plethora of functions, features, and extra devices/modules that we do not need.
We simply need a reader that can detect if tag X or both tag X and tag Y are in range and thats it. We will do the rest (menu changing, etc) with the Arduino.

Our questions:
Is a range of 2-3 meters for passive tags viable?

Have any of you worked with an RFID reader that might meet our goals?

Do you know of a similar technology to RFID that might accomplish our task in a simpler and more effective manner?

Thanks for your help guys.

I'm looking for something similar so if you find anything let me know.

By what research I've done, it would seem to get a read range of 2-3m you'd need an ultra high-frequency RFID reader and corresponding tag. I have yet to find a cheap UHF reader.

Another alternative for you would be active tags. These tend to have a big longer range but also require the tags have a power source (which may be OK in your case). Active tags are also a lot more expensive than passive tags ($15-20 per tag compared to $1-2). Still though, the more range you need, the more expensive it's going to be.

DAG-System , they own patents for 13.56 at about 10m