RFID Antenna for use with an MFRC522 reader and an Arduino Uno

Hi all. I am working on a personal inventory RFID project that would be a shield for an Arduino Uno. I am somewhat knowledgeable but not an expert on EE topics. I am looking for a little help on adding the antenna component to the RFID device.

For my RFID reader, I purchased a surface-mount MFRC522 and have it soldered onto my shield. The MFRC522 works with 13.56MHz ISO 14443 MIFARE cards.

MFRC522: www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/MFRC522.pdf

To actually read the RFID tags, my MFRC522 needs an external antenna. I do not need to do anything fancy; I simply need my chip to have the ability to scan RFID tags and obtain their identifying parameters when the tag is about 1 inch from the reader.

Does anyone have any experience with RFID or the MFRC522 that could recommend an antenna that I could purchase for use in this project (or any other way of making this antenna happen)?

As I mentioned, I am going for a low-cost solution that will enable only the most basic functionality of this reader. I prefer something that’s tiny enough to fit on a small portion of the Arduino Uno shield and that goes no higher than maybe 1 inch. The MFRC522 reader chip is only about the size of my pinky nail.

Also, I’m really hoping to stumble on someone who has done something like this before that wouldn’t mind guiding me through some of the basic steps of making this antenna happen. I am just a little lost as to how to start.

Thanks for any help.

Does anyone have any experience with RFID

Grumpy_Mike does. He doesn’t often post on weekends, though.


Does anyone have any experience with RFID

Grumpy_Mike does. He doesn't often post on weekends, though.

Thank you, I will try to get in touch with him.

If there is anyone else in the meantime, please feel free to chime in.

I have just bought one of these http://www.b2cqshop.com/products/203-rfid-module-kit-1356-mhz-with-tags-spi-w-and-r-for-arduino.aspx
At a guess I would say that the antenna is about 24" when straightened out.
I haven’t had time to hook it up yet though.


What code are you running?




Any luck with your project?

I bought another kit based on the same MFR522, mine is this one:


My project will consist of

• RFID access control, read a tag and grant access if is in a database. • Access log; want to have a log when access is granted to a tag. • Web, want to be able to set up new cards or verify log file from a web server. • Use a LCD as a basic HMI to the user

Maybe looks a little complex, but want to go step by step, so far I have been a little frustrated because I only can read the tag and show the serial number in the serial monitor and record the tag serial number in an array, but that is all. So still in step 1! :'(

Maybe my problem is handling information in an array, I don’t know.

Maybe we can combine efforts and make our systems work.



I too am seeking the same advice on creating my own antenna for the MFRC522. I need the antenna to be as small as possible and have seen a few people using tiny SMD coils from CoilCraft. I do not need much range, 1 or 2 inches would be plenty. I've done a ton of AVR stuff but when it comes to RF, tank circuits, and impedance matching like this I'm at a loss.

Any formulas, or general rules to follow as far as capacitor values and antenna coil inductance would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to achieve card reading with an antenna footprint of under 1cm^2.