RFID Card cloning

Hi Guys,

I want to copy my canteen chip. I already have a UID changeable RFID Card and the MF522 RFID card reader/writer. My problem is, when I want to read all information from my canteen chip with dumpinfo, it always shows me a timeout error when it came to sector 1 and 0. But I already copied the UID of my canteen card but it didn´t worked. The only difference I can see (can´t look into sector 1 and 0) is now in block 63 Sector 15, but i can´t change the information in the block do you have any idea what else I could do to clone the canteen card?

Already thanks for your help :-)

There is no crypto1 attack for rc522 afaik and some access control readers detect uid changeable cards. That includes generation 1 cards (backdoor commands) and generation 2 (no backdoor commands). So even with a 100% clone it still might not work. Not sure if you mean an access control system or a coffe machine with rfid?.

I mean a access control system where I can order my lunch. Is there any possibility to copy the card or even find out what the scanner scan so which block are necessary?

Sounds to me like you wanna get a free lunch (steal). Not gonna help you with that!! all i'm saying is nowadays if mifare classic is used it usally has counter measures to make cloning difficult.

I don´t wan´t to steal a card or so. I just wan´t to get rid of my ugly fat chip and use a small card instead.