RFID Chip Reader

Hello, people of the Arduino Forums,

I'm brand new to the whole Arduino thing, but I'm currently designing a project for an exam and I need help with some (well, most) of the details. I want to hook up an RFID reader and a weight sensor to an Arduino - the RFID chip is on a container, the container is placed on the weight sensor next to the RFID reader. The only value in the RFID chip is a number - the max weight limit of the container. When the container is placed on the weight sensor, a pump activates that pumps water into the container until the current weight (found by the weight sensor) equals the max weight (found by the RFID reader).

I need help figuring out exactly which components I need in order to get this working. I've been looking at RFID readers and I think the RC522 is suitable for the job (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there) but I'm struggling with the weight sensor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, if anyone has any tips for the writing of the program for this project, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Hmmmm. Interesting project. I have a couple of questions. First, what is your plan if the RF id tag is on the wrong side of the container?

Second, how does the weight value get placed on in the RF id tag?

Third, you mention pumping water into the container, but no mention is made of you pump and whether you are having the Arduino also control the pump.


What mass of water are you measuring? gms, kg ?

Tom… :slight_smile: